We always send your receipt to the email address you provided when booking your trip.  Please be sure to check your spam or junk folder and any other email account you may have entered when completing your booking.

To access your details from our website, complete the following: 

  • Open your confirmation email and click “My Bookings” or go directly to our website
  • Click ”My Bookings” and fill in your details
  • Scroll down to the end of page and click “Print confirmation” on the left
  • A dialogue box will appear. Scroll down and click “Create business receipt”. If you need to submit this invoice to your company, fill in their details
  • The receipt opens as a PDF file. From here you can print or save directly to your device

Alternatively, you can also access your booking information on our app. Easily access your travel documents, receive real-time updates, check-in for your flight and so much more!

Still can’t access your booking info? One of our customer service agents would be happy to assist you. Simply head to the Contact Us page and drop us a message  or give us a call–we’re open 24/7!