Your booking confirmation and your travel documents were sent to you by email at the time of booking. You can also find them here via our website. Log in with your email address and your order number. In the right-hand column at the top, you will see ‘Print my confirmation’ and lower down in the middle of the page you will find ‘Travel document’.

  • Confirmation

Print out the confirmation and take it with you, together with a valid passport. If you have booked a hotel, your hotel voucher will also be in the confirmation. You have to show this when you check into the hotel.

  •  Travel documents

Print out the travel document and take it with you, together with a valid passport. The travel document includes the airline’s booking number and your ticket number.

You will find the latest flight information on the airline's website, alternatively via, or You can also find the ticket number and the airline’s booking number, which is updated within 24 hours after booking. As the customer, you are responsible for checking that your flight times are up to date for both the outward and return journeys via the airline’s website or the websites suggested above.